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Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair Madison WI

a red rooftop with a brick chimney

A chimney is an eye-catching element of your home or business property that also offers utility for heating or cooling needs. Our company can provide you with solutions for chimney installation, repairs, refurbishments, or inspections. All of the work that we complete is in accordance with industry-leading standards, and we also always strive remarkable outcomes.

About Our Business

Our company has been working on chimneys for many years, and throughout that time, we have been able to handle the full range of services that are available for chimneys. Our company has grown and expanded over the years in order to enhance the quality of services that we provide. Throughout all of the work that we complete, we are supported by a team that is dedicated to excellence, and also devoted to professionalism. We are the leading chimney contractors in Madison and Dane County.

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Our Services In Madison WI

If you need Madison chimney contractors for a range of chimney services at your property, make sure you get in contact with our group of fully trained and certified workers. We are the only exclusive service provider for chimney services in Madison with a full range of reputable services. We offer chimney installation and chimney repairs in Madison, and we are also the team that you are going to be able to call for design or inspection services as well. We know that a chimney can provide you with a lot of benefits, and we also know that maintaining and repairing chimneys can be tedious work. Luckily for you though, we love the work that we do. We will be able to provide you with solutions for all of your chimney needs.

a chimney with a cap on it
a brick chimney with roof ladder at the side
a man measuring the white chimney


Tuckpointing is a service that transforms your chimney into a piece of art. To ensure that the chimney looks refurbished and presentable, you are going to want to cunt on our team here at Madison Chimney Repair for a solution. We have worked on many chimney tuckpointing projects over the years. We understand the techniques and methods that need to be used. Also, we use items and materials that are the best in the business. We are not going to try to alter the solutions that we provide for you. Instead, we are going to ensure that the work we do for you is going to enhance any design ideas that you have for your property. Your chimney is going to be eye-catching once we are done with the tuckpointing work.

Repairs & Installation

Installing a chimney is not something for a DIY project casually to do on the weekend. Instead, it is a tedious and meticulous task that requires knowledge and experience with chimneys. You can count on our team to install the chimney that you want. Whether you have a new home or whether you are doing a major renovation, we can ensure that the chimney installation service goes smoothly. We are going to formulate a blueprint and course of action before we get started. This means that you will be able to ensure that the chimney is perfect before we provide you with the final results here in Madison WI.

chimney in the edge of the roof
a chimney at the center of the roof
a bunch of chimney

Cap And Crown Repair

Cap and crown repair work needs to be completed following an inspection. Our team is going to be able to inspect the issue, and then we are going to be able to repair the issue. Doing an assessment of the situation before the repair allows our team to make clear decisions about how to fix any issues that are going on. Also, we will ensure that we replace any broken or missing pieces in the chimney.

Flue Repair

Flue repair work is important, and if it is left unattended, the chimney could worsen or there are fire hazards that could arise the ensure that the flue is properly functioning, you can count on our team to provide long-lasting solutions. If there are components of the flue that are irreparable, we are going to be able to replace or upgrade the necessary pieces. Best of all, we will ensure that the flue repair is completed in a timely manner and on a timeline that works best for you.

a man putting hard glue on a chimney
a rain flow system roof
a brick chimney with a ladder

Chimney Inspections

A chimney inspection in Madison could get expensive, but when you hire our team for the job, we are going to ensure that you pay a fair and reasonable price. We are not going to try to make an alteration to the services that we provide for you. Instead, we are going to be thorough and transparent about the inspection. If necessary, we can provide you with documents and evidence to support the findings and observations that we have. Also, we will ensure that the chimney is going to look great and function great after we provide you with suggestions about where to go following the inspection. Also, if you need an inspection for a real estate deal, make sure you give our certified professionals a call for the job!

Chimney Sweep

Chimney sweeping can be a difficult thing to do if you do not know how to do it. Also, it can get very dirty if you are not careful. Our company can provide you with the chimney sweeping service though, so you do not need to try to handle it. We always work with accuracy and precision, and we remain organized in the tasks that we complete. This enables our team to work in a coordinated and efficient manner.

“I highly recommend Madison Chimney Repair for chimney sweeping services. I hardly even noticed they were at my property because they work in such an impressive organization.” – Hugh B.

“The only chimney contractors I trust in Madison are over at Madison Chimney Repair. They are friendly and affordable which helps too.” – Pete R.

“Madison Chimney Repair is the best chimney team I have ever worked with for crown repairs! I will hire them again without a doubt.” – Mike J

Contact Us For Your Chimney Repair

You can get in contact with our team whenever it is most convenient for you. We are always here and happy to take your phone call. We have been providing chimney solutions, cleaning, and repairs for many years here in Wisconsin. There are not any other contractors in the capital city that have as much experience as we do. If you want to review the specific services that we provide or the cost for the services, let us know. We are the #1 contractor in Madison WI for chimney repair near me and we pride ourselves in that reputation.

And if you're also experiencing issues with your fireplace, we can help. Our team is growing with the masonry skills required to assist customers. Whenever you need a fireplace inspection or a masonry project completed, give us a call! And we now have a new partnership with a friend. Check out Mad City Gutter Cleaners if you need to clean your gutters in Madison. They are awesome!

We are dedicated to serving clients throughout Dane County. We are constantly expanding our service area and can currently handle clients in Middleton, Monona, Fitchburg, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Verona and more. Please call us for a quote and let's see how we can help! And if you live on the eastern side of the state, check out a great Milwaukee chimney repair company that can help you too!